Head: prof. dr. Jožef Ritonja

Interdisciplinary activity is staple to this Laboratory. In its academic and research programs, it encompasses analyses and design of various types of electric machines and regulated electromotor drives. Electric machines come either as actuators in complex driving systems or generators for production of electric energy. Our activity is tightly linked with designing of various types of electric machines and other apparatouses. Hence, our research staff extensively works also on an analysis and modeling of certain magnetic materials used for building associated devices.

This Laboratory provides crucial environment for quality education and research reaching beyond the area of power electrical engineering. A pre-requisite for the quality work is appropriate laboratory equipment with hardware and software, which is a permanent challenge for the staff to keeping the ware up to date including its purchase. The equipment is mostly provided by research contractors from industry via their co-financing or granting it to us, for which we are tremendously grateful.

Interdependency of educational and research activity is a hallmark of this laboratory and enables continuous training of our staff. The educational activity spans from modeling and an analysis of associated dynamic systems, contemporary control systems and regulation, regulation and control of electric systems to development of local control and protection of electric systems.

The research work is focused on applicability of regulations, protection and control of electric systems. Linking local electric systems into a complex European electric system has imposed necessary systemic adjustments and top level coordination of technical requirements for control of production, transmission and distribution of electricity. This synchronization comes into play concurrently with substantial increase of a share of produced electricity from alternative energy sources and significant technical advancement of systems for control of electrical systems.