Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science University of Maribor

About the institute

Head: prof. dr. Boštjan Polajžer

Our Institute fosters interdisciplinary research and education. Modern electric facilities are complex. In their conception, optimization, building, control and maintanance, additional knowledge from a broad range of related disciplines is required. For example, computing, informatics, mechanical engineering and civil engineering, as well as specific nontechnical disciplines, such as management and economics are some of them. The Institute provides the knowledge with support of their three laboratories. External staff counterparts casually participate in our activities.

The Institute is organizied as a research – educational unit. Our staff is installed as researchers on challenging projects and as professors or teaching assistants on educational programs of power electrical engineering. The educational programs entail undergraduate studies on professional and university levels, as well as graduate studies on master and doctoral levels. Knowledge and references of our staff are recognized as highly accomplished in its respective professional field. Its qualifications enable the staff winning diverse research and development academic and industrial projects on neck and neck national and international competitive markets.

Active transfer of research outcomes into our educational process ensures effective modernisation of our study syllabi and contents of curricula. Our staff is aware that sustainable development relies on cutting-edge and far-reaching research findings.

Our Institute hosts three laboratories, such as the Laboratory for: