Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science University of Maribor


Our Institute hosts four laboratories:

Head of the Laboratory: prof. dr. Mladen TRLEP

Educational interests of the Laboratory include electromagnetic materials, magnetic measurement, electric drives, numerical methods, computer assisted design of electromagnetic apparatuses, as well as theoretical and applied electromagnetics.

Our research work interconnects with our educational activities. It is oriented mainly into development and utilization of (-) numerical methods, i. e. finite element method (FEM), boundary element method (BEM), hybrid (HM) and other methods for conquering arbitrary electromagnetic challenges; (-) measurement methods for magnetic and isolation materials, and (-) software solutions for computer aided engineering (CAD) of electromagnetic apparatuses and systems.

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Head of the Laboratory: prof. dr. Jožef Ritonja

Interdisciplinary activity is staple to this Laboratory. In its academic and research programs, it encompasses analyses and design of various types of electric machines and regulated electromotor drives. Electric machines come either as actuators in complex driving systems or generators for production of electric energy. Our activity is tightly linked with designing of various types of electric machines and other apparatouses. Hence, our research staff extensively works also on an analysis and modeling of certain magnetic materials used for building associated devices.

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Head of the Laboratory: red. prof. dr. Gorazd ŠTUMBERGER

Academic activity of the Laboratory encompasses production, transmission, distribution and utilization of electric energy. Theoretical knowledge gained from lessons is further solidified in this Laboratory's activity. The Laboratory is collaborating with industry. The ongoing cooperation additionally entails practical training within many months of compulsory practices. The training pertaining to the educational process is also carried out in a computer guided laboratory electric power plant and in an ICEM’s power laboratory. The Laboratory hosts three research centres with their associated research activities.

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